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But you have to do this work before you can start writing. Once you have a firm message and clear outline, we can start working on the next level of clarity—your wording. Every first draft and second draft is going to have some confusing language — jumbled words, and omitted connectors that make it difficult to parse out what the writer is trying to say.

The only trouble is not all those words make it onto the page. The subconscious mind tends to fill gaps in the language. My first draft was a mess. I know that most people are willing to go back and give a confusing sentence a second try. And, you know what? They capture the ship, but upon boarding it, they find it full, not of silver as they had expected, but of gold. Fleeing the Spanish they are followed by a frigate in the employ of the duc d'Arcachon, an investor in their plan and a man who wishes to kill Jack for ruining a party in The King of the Vagabonds.

Believing the Duke plans to cheat the Cabal in the investment, they sail to Egypt and transport the gold over land to Cairo. In Cairo the Cabal negotiates with d'Arcachon's men for a meeting with the duc himself; as an inducement for this meeting they offer to hand over Jack. Jack cuts off the head of the duc to avenge Eliza, whom the duc had enslaved over a decade earlier. Fighting ensues between the Cabal and d'Arcachon's musketeers.

The Cabal manages to escape short several of its members and a good portion of the gold , fleeing toward Mocha. Realizing that they are no longer welcome in any European port, they carry the gold to India, where they are captured by a pirate queen who takes the gold. The Cabal is left penniless and its members are dispersed.

Some are recruited in the army of a local king. Jack ends up working in an animal hospital in Ahmedabad. A year later, Jack reunites with a few members of the Cabal and conceives a plan to carry goods through a route that no traders can use because it is controlled by armies of plunderers. Jack shows the Cabal how to produce phosphorus from urine, and they use it to fight their way through. For this role in opening up the trade route, Jack is rewarded with a temporary, three-year kingship over an impoverished part of India.

During his reign, Jack directs the construction of a ship made of durable teak wood , using funds invested by the pirate queen who had seized the Cabal's gold, and Sophie, Electress of Hanover. Jack contemplates naming the ship directly after Eliza, with whom he is desperate to be reunited, but on the alchemist Enoch's advice that this could create political complications for the Duchess, Jack ultimately christens the vessel Minerva instead.

The Cabal carries watered steel and other valuable items from India to Japan, and trades them for mercury. Mercury fetches a high price in the Americas, which need it for use in silver mines. A Spanish galleon secretly agrees to show Minerva the way across the Pacific and help them establish trade in the Americas. The galleon sinks, and Minerva takes on the two sole survivors, one of whom is Edmund de Ath. Jack, another member of the Cabal, and de Ath are imprisoned and tortured by the Spanish Inquisition but are able to buy their way out with silver that they got in trade for mercury.

Jack receives a letter from Eliza urging him to meet her in Qwghlm. Laden with precious metals, Minerva sails there only to find that the invitation was a trap; the French capture them and seize their gold and silver. Minerva and her crew are allowed to leave sans cargo, but Jack is imprisoned by the duc d'Arcachon, son of the man whose head Jack cut off in Cairo, and husband of Eliza.

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Upon discovering the deceit, Vrej kills the duc d'Arcachon, before committing suicide to prevent retaliation upon his family. The duc had planned to imprison Jack for the rest of his life, but the King of France Louis XIV frees him in order to enlist his help in sacking the Tower of London and thereby England's mint in order to cripple the enemy country's economy. The book opens explaining how Bob Shaftoe had come into possession of the correspondence of d'Avaux, the French diplomat whom Eliza had fooled as a double agent for William of Orange in Quicksilver.

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Eliza has been captured by Jean Bart in an attempt to escape to England, and is confined to a house in Dunkerque. Well, the experimental results take time to develop, and the future world is the only validation lab we have. Kind of a catch we have here. I also assume that Michael Crichton M.

Same thing goes for military spending remember what Eisenhower said? So why single that out? Whereever did you get that data? If I point my browser at the warmest points on the Arctic rim according to both your graphs , the nearest stations with records that show the s all show the s as being warmer than the s. I did not compare them with the records but with each other, because I was establishing that the s were warmer on the Arctic Rim than the s. And they were.

Practically every station record from the high Arctic shows this. That warming was shown in records all around the globe. I think you are too easy on Crichton. It is true that DDT has not been demonstrated to be carcinogenic except at very high levels, but this is true of most suspected carcinogens — most data is clinical, not epidemiological. And the evidence that DDT causes bird egg shells to thin, resulting in lower birth rates, is overwhelming. Climate models are simply computer code that incorporates radiation and the physics of fluids on a rotating sphere. The point that some models show Antarctic cooling is simply that Antarctic cooling is therefore physically plausible in an otherwise warming world.

In any case, this entire discussion is a bit of a red herring because the degree of cooling appears, from the data available, to be quite limited in spatial extent and temporal duration. Actually, polling shows quite convincingly that the vast majority of Americans accept that the globe is warming and that humans are at least partly responsible.

The bottom line is that for seven years running, between 70 and 75 percent of Americans believe that global warming is a reality and are concerned about it. Perhaps prompting greater public support for action will require a re-framing of the debate, as Roger Pielke, Jr. A lot of the modeling depends on what exactly you assume — for example if it is a trend model if you take a moment in time and track it back to a previous low or high then you will get the upward or downward trend. You could take a random graph and draw such a trend. I notice such graphs tend to start in and end now coincidentally that is also close to a low point is it not?

Having said that a strong study should stand on its own and if the studies are reliable it should be possible to list a basic set of major assumptions that differ between them and explain how they effect the results. I am also disinclined all things being equal to argue that scientific consensus is outright false unless there is hard evidence with which to do so.

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The problem is a layperson can do nothing about global warming by himself, only collectively can anything be done and we are doing nothing really. It is just immoral and dangerous, rather like nuclear weapons. Genes are in part responsible for intelligence and one could theoretically breed for intelligence, we reject it for social rather than scientific reasons.

Similarly Global warming does not appear to be bad science but are we really willing to do what it takes to do anything about it? I am far from sold on this theory so I appreciate your analysis. Thanks for updating the graph to include current numbers. My interpretation is that you have to back off the statement that so far the data follows scenario B the best. It looks to me like the trend is more towards the lower end of the prediction scenarios, either B or C. As an earlier commentor pointed out Crichton makes great hay with his consensus argument.

But sometimes consensus just means that there is a consensus of skeptics e.

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It turned out to be just dumb and predictable. Since then, Crichton has pumped out barely-believable fiction with….