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Gold Label Collection. Release Date: June 12, Toysrus. Details include a silvery peplum belt, cuff jewelry and an up-do inspired by her signature bun hairstyle. Metallic details at her collar and waist, dark glasses and an emblematic black cape finish the look. Born Ororo Munroe, Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth.

As a member of the X-Men team, she confounds enemies with her ability to manipulate weather and the atmosphere. Gauntlets, a headdress and her signature gemstone brooch finish the fierce look. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. This Super Villain is a mutant born with the ability to shapeshift. She deceives her enemies by mimicking the appearance and voice of any person. Details include white gloves, boots, and the signature skull detail adorning her forehead.

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This beloved character, who has faced numerous deaths and rebirths, wrestles with her personal demons. Accessories inspired by ocean treasures include a coral accented headpiece, peplum and earrings. Designer: Amy Lee. Release Date: March 20, Barbie. Dia De Muertos is a two-day holiday in early November when families gather to celebrate the lives of their departed loved ones. This colorful and lively event is filled with music, food, sweets, offerings and flowers. Her face is painted in a traditional skull mask, and she wears a crown with monarch butterflies and bright marigolds.

Includes doll, doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

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Her brunette curls are styled in an up-do with a chic side part, and silvery chandelier earrings complete the look. Barbie Celebration Doll features a sweet look and customizable packaging to help you celebrate someone special! This collectible doll makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Write a personalized note on the package and add the finishing touches with fun icon stickers. This doll wears a bold, asymmetrical dress inspired by the universal symbol of friendship. Chic details, like heart-shaped sunglasses and red stilettos finish the look.

Celebrate someone special with this Barbie Celebration Doll. Happy Birthday! Ruching at the bodice, ruffled sleeves and bow details make this sweet look ideal for a birthday celebration. May she inspire you to chase your dreams and live each day boldly. Step into style this holiday.

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This Blue Chiffon Fashion Collection Barbie Christmas tree ornament by Patricia Andrews features the timeless icon wearing a glamorous blue ball gown with her sleek chestnut brown hair pulled back neatly, all complemented by beautiful cat-eye makeup and a dramatic necklace. While she enjoys sculpting just about everything, Patricia is best known for her angels, Santas and other iconic characters…like Barbie! This premium porcelain and fabric Christmas tree ornament is a KOC member exclusive. Barbie is celebrating a milestone, and she looks every bit as fabulous as she did 60 years ago!

Commemorate the special occasion with this beautiful porcelain Christmas tree ornament featuring the fashion icon dressed for a party. Her billowing ball gown embellished with tulle and silver sparkles gives a subtle nod to one of her first, classic black-and-white outfits.

The blonde beauty makes a memorable addition to every Barbie ornament collection. The sophisticated metal Christmas tree ornament is a classic addition to your seasonal decor and a must-have for every Barbie collector. From professional to party attire, we can always count on Barbie to inspire us with her fashion-forward sense of style.

Turn back the clock with this charming Christmas tree ornament featuring Barbie with a classic bob hairdo and dressed in sophisticated s fashion. Her tailored white suit radiates personal style with glistening gold accents. The pretty Barbie doll Christmas tree ornament sparkles with gold glitter trimmings, from her tulle tutu to her shimmering crown. Strike a pose with SuperStar Barbie. Inspired by the highly sought-after Barbie doll, this Christmas tree ornament features the timeless fashion icon modeling a glamorous hot pink evening gown, complete with tulle boa attachment.

Add a real splash of sparkling color to your holiday decor with this mermaid Barbie Christmas tree ornament. From her pink-streaked hair and princess tiara to her colorful striped fin, this fanciful design inspired by the Barbie Dreamtopia doll will have kids and collectors alike dreaming of a colorful Christmas.

Press the button to watch her tail light up in a rainbow of colors. Light feature is battery-operated.

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Carry on the Barbie tradition of fabulous holiday fashions with this Christmas tree ornament featuring the fashionista herself dressed in her holiday best. Inspired by the Holiday Barbie Doll, this dazzling ornament is 5th in the Holiday Barbie series and a must-have for collectors of all ages. February 11, Teen Vogue: Coming up in June …. Barbie has always been the one product that has tested boundaries. Most recently, Barbie gave her male dolls man buns! Now for sale at Amazon. Pre-order Ebay.

Release Date: August 14, Amazon. Release Date: June 1, Amazon.

A too-real visual directed by Genius Minds.

Release Date: November 21, Amazon. Release Date: December 2, Amazon. Release Date: November 28, Amazon. Release Date: November 11, Amazon. Release Date: November 20, Amazon. Release Date: January 31, Amazon. Release Date: Oktober Amazon. Release Date: November 16, Amazon. Release Date: February 5, Amazon. Release Date: July 21, Toyrus. Barbie Doll, friends and family history and news.

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Home Over. Happy Birthday Barbie! Posted on 3 November by barbielistholland. A few employees reported seeing something white flying through the air, down a hallway, past an arch, up a corridor. Robert was most annoyed at the curator who was in charge of his exhibition area. The no-nonsense woman who didn't believe in flying dolls one day didn't show up for work. Her bicycle was still chained to the rack at the museum. Her co-workers learned later that something she'd seen in Robert's wing of the building sent her screaming into the night; she didn't slow down till she got home.

One night, said our ghoul guide in flatline Brooklynese, Robert turned on all the lights at once. Inside and out. A neat trick, since the switches necessary to illuminate everything were all over the huge complex; it would have required eight people to accomplish such a spontaneous light show. Robert's life took a turn for the better when a new groundskeeper was hired. The man somehow understood that Robert just wanted attention, made him his own case, gave him a stuffed toy to feel superior to, and put up a bunch of spotlights to show Robert's best sides.

Robert now sits and gazes in what seems to be a semi-benign, if imperious, gaze at all who come to see him. It's not a matter of just looking, however. Not in the sense of the usual object at an exhibition. Robert requires…deference. Our guide warned us we needed to follow a specific protocol in the doll's presence if we wanted to take photographs. Introduce yourself. Take the photo. Thank Robert when you're done. If you don't follow those steps, warned our ghoul guide, you'll be sorry. The letters on the wall of Robert's exhibition space were evidence of the consequences.

Letters and cards, handwritten or typed, from kids and adults, and one or two even in foreign languages or maybe in tongues I couldn't read. Begging forgiveness. Outlining the perils that had befallen them since disrespecting the doll.